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Welcome to Miss All Canadian Pageants

All-Canadian welcomes you to Canada's biggest & best pageant system open to babies, children, teens for boys and girls !!


As a family run pageant we would personally like to invite you and your family to share wonderful and memorable times with us. With over 31 years experience in pageants we promise to bring you a well organized, professionally run pageant that is focused on fairness and having fun!



Under the Umbrella of Miss All Canadian Pageants are some wonderful directors who have their heart in the right spot for running children’s pageants. Our directors don’t look at this as a job but rather as a passion and a cause to help youngsters feel special about themselves.  

 Directors in the following cities are – Miss Joanne in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Burlington & Toronto.  Miss Yvette in  Regina  Sask.   Miss Shannon in Red Deer, Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta (Let’s just say all of Alberta).  *Miss Jess in Inuvik, NWT & Miss April in British Columbia.  If there is not a preliminary pageant is your area, we are looking for directors across Canada. Please feel free to email us your resume. Be on THE Winning  team !! Call if you dont see your  city listed here, that means we would love to have one in your area  and you could be on our winning team as director of your city  Contact National Director Miss Joanne  416-621-1956 – email: missallcanadian@msn.com 

Click on the sign up button on the home page  and scroll to the pageant you are interested in – there you can fill out a form on line and you will find a pdf file you can download with all the information or email Joanne missallcanadian@msn.com for a form. We do not combine age divisions, what you see on our form is the age division the day of the pageant, no matter how many contestants, but we sometimes split divisions if there are quite a few making it more fair for the contestants.

2017 Lineup:

We have added some new titles you can win even if you cannot make it to one of our pageants. Please check the home page, click on the Sign up button and start with the All Canadian Elite Club from there you can also participate in 3 Challenges that will get you other titles- such as Rock Star, Golden Pageant Angel Wings, Creme de la Creme Calendar and then be on our Gold Star Team. Contact Miss Joanne for more details

October 22nd- All Hallow’s Eve Pageant- Saskatchewan

November 4th – Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls, Ontario

November 12th- Hallowee’n/Christmas Combo- Alberta

2018 Line Up

January 21st Treasure Troll Pageant- Alberta

February 4th, Enchanted Forest with Trolls & Smurfs- St. Catharines, On

March 17th, Lil Leprechaun Pageant, British Columbia

March 24th, St. Catharines, Ontario

March TBA – Alberta

*There are more pageants in the Works and they will be posted as soon as they are confirmed *

Is this your first pageant? We would like to welcome you and help you get started – you do not need any experience to enter our pageant system. It’s all about you being yourself !!  Please feel free to email us and send us your phone number if you are new as we would like to welcome you and tell you all about our pageant system. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns before you decide to enter.   All our pageants are designed to make everyone feel special and to build their self- confidence on stage. Everyone is a winner with us and everyone will win something! 

We believe it is nice to be important but more important to be nice! WE  ARE   NATURAL PAGEANT – Natural means you can dress up like a princess with a fancy dress  and you can wear  makeup and do your hair (even wear a hair piece)  but the end result should be you looking your age and  looking natural – So you may be scored down if it is obvious that are wearing a hair piece or you have to much makeup – maybe think how you would dress and how much makeup you would put on  for a family wedding. We believe children should look their age and dress according to their age. Babies divisions 0-11 months, 12-23 month and 2-3 – No makeup is necessary at all,  just a touch for ages 4+. As far as heels go, it will depend on the judges view if it is age appropriate and how you handle walking in them as well. Scoring is based on personality, head to toe look, age appropriate, for ages 4+ also walk, talk. Dressy Dress is whatever is your personality- it can be very simple or very dressy, judging is not on the expense of the outfit but rather if it suits them and fits them and from head toe it is put together well.

Please call Joanne or email missallcanadian@msn.com for more clarification  on makeup, hair and dress! Call anytime for information- Joanne always has time to help you get started in pageantry.

If you would like to book a table for your business at any of our Pageants- please contact the Province Director or National Director Miss Joanne to find out pricing 

If you would like to advertise your business in any of our program books please contact National Director Joanne for this  416-621-1956 or email missallcanadian@msn.com

We do have a professional hairstylist and makeup artist at the pageant and she knows just what the judges are looking for -For Ontario Pageants – contact Elizabeth Taylor at 647-456-4099– please contact her or Joanne to find out if she will be in attendance or to book your time

Our judges and talent scouts  are looking for kids just being kids and it’s really all about you just being yourself- No experience is necessary to step on our stage – just have fun and smile! We do not suggest things like false eyelashes,  flips, artificial nails, spray tans, eyebrow waxing, heels on little ones  etc. We think you should smile and show off your missing tooth or braces. In fact sometimes we have prizes from a prominent dentist who supports the pageant and our natural way. So be proud of that missing tooth or your braces, you just might win a prize for being proud of you being you !!   If you wear glasses,we encourage you to wear them for the pageant. We have had children in wheelchairs and with leg braces  and we welcome everyone to attend and feel good about themselves.

Recently one of our Queens did sign language to introduce herself as she was deaf, this did not stop her personality from shining thru and touching everyone and winning Queen! One of our youngest divisions, we have a premie  that is in and out of Sick Kids Hospital but has so much fun at the pageants.  Our Mr. Ambassador for the pageant 3 years in a row in 2001 2002 2003 has spina bifida and attended almost every pageant from the age of 6 months to 12 years sometimes in a leg cast, sometimes in leg braces and sometimes in a wheel chair but you would never know he had a day of trouble with his up beat personality. We have had teens in wheelchairs and kids with down syndrome- it was their wish to participate in our pageant – we welcome every child on our stage and hope to bring a smile to everyone !  So we hope to see you on our stage !!