Categories you can enter- Main & Optionals

We are pleased to announce to celebrate our 29th Anniversary of running the Biggest & Best Pageant in Canada every girl who participates at any of the pageants  receives a  rhinestone tiara and boys will receive a participation Olympic style medallion at each pageant. Along with trophies, gifts, sashes, medallions to be won . No one leaves empty handed at our pagean t- we are known for giving the most awards out at our pageant . Each pageant has a main category that everyone participates in. After entering the Main pageant you can now select one or all of the optional categories. Note that not all optional categories are at each pageant,click on the sign up form button and scroll to the pageant you are interested in and  download the form to see which optional categories are open for which pageant

You can also call Joanne anytime at  416-621-1956  or email:

MAIN  CATEGORY  (1st  time  on  stage ) first impression!
This is the only category that is mandatory.

We do not refer to this as a Beauty Pageant as it is about so much more than your facial feautres-we focus on your personality , your confidence and how you present yourself-this all about YOU just being YOU !!!

Attire: Dress to impress – Girls, short or long dresses, Boys – suit, tux or dressy pants & shirt.- think of how you would dress to go to a family wedding, there is no mandatory dress requirement – just what suits you and your personality – When we host themed pageants such as Halloween Pageant , you do not HAVE to wear something in the Main category to match our theme- if your best dress is pink at a Halloween pageant , that is perfectly fine.

Babies, newborn to 3  years – each child will go on stage with an adult in a group line-up then an individual introduction to the judges where you will bring your little one up to the judges and let them be themselves . Give the judges a moment to see their personality, this is their moment to shine.

4 Years and over – contestants will be presented in a group line-up,then  each child will then have the opportunity to introduce themselves on the microphone by stating their name, age, hobbies, ambition, etc. If they don’t get through their whole speech we will guide  them with a question or two to help them out.

Following their introduction  they will do a walk to the judges table and that  will give the judges  an idea of  their stage presence and personality. Don’t worry if you’re shy -we will make you feel special on our stage.  Don’t worry about missing teeth, don’t worry about braces  don’t worry about glasses .  This is all about you being yourself and we know you’re a winner just the way you are! We do not believe in false eyelashes or false nails , or spray tanning , flips for teeth- we are all about you being able to enhance yourself but the end result should be you looking your age and you looking natural ! The agents that scout the pageant for possible TV work also prefer you to just be you


Every Contestant must be in the Main Contest and then may choose to enter one or all of the optional categories some are open to all ages and some to only ages 4 and up please check the forms or ask Joanne for details as at each pageant the optional categories vary. If on the pageant form there is a category that is not listed here please feel free to email or call if the explaination is not clear in the form – sometimes we add different categories for a change and they are not necessarily listed here- we try our best to explain them in the brouchures but are also happy to give you insight as to what the judges are looking for .


Based strictly on the photo you submit-bring a photo the day of the pageant, it will be returned to you following awards. any size, black & white or color – home shot or professional. Judging is based on the contestant’s photogenic features and the ability to come across well in print. Can’t decide? Want the judges to see more? Then you can enter a 2nd photo with the possibility of winning two awards.Please label the photo prior to entering with the contestants name,age on the back of the photo, Please decide which picture to enter prior to approaching the registration desk as the registration  ladies are not allowed to decide for  you.


( similar to info in  Photogenic) except don’t be afraid to show your silly side. Judges are looking for “cute” & “kooky” look or a “zany”, “crazy” situation, any picture that makes you smile or giggle.  2nd photo may be entered. Some of our winners have been featured on toy boxes,greeting cards and posters.Please label your photos with your name, age on the back of the photo. At different pageants there maybe different themed phot categories- such as at our Halloween pageant we have a SCARY PHOTO contest and at our November pageant we have a WINTER THEMED photo you will find the different photo categories on the pageant form and a description of what we are looking for for each of these . So at some pageants you will see themed photo categories to enter – check each pageant form as they will all have different themed photo categories you can enter.


Sometimes we have Portfolio as a category you can enter— Enter an album or booklet form of maximum 10-12  photos showing  different looks, different backgrounds, different attire, mostly different facial expressions – add a little flare with captions & stickers. Judging based on versatility of looks, expressions & poses – does not have to be professional pictures, if you do have professional shots you can mix them with home pics.  These 10-12 pictures should be in a booklet form You are not judged on the book or the professionalism of the book or photos- Please have your name and age division showing on the cover or the inside front cover of your portfolio book.

MODEL or different themed model attire

Select an outfit of your choice  and model on the runway. But what we’re looking for is “Do you look like you belong in the pages of a catalog? Props are allowed such as umbrellas, tennis racquets, hats, purses etc.  This title maybe worded different at different pageants- such as Winter Model , Fall Model , Back to School Model- etc- again looking at the specific pageant form will then describe what judges are looking for

TRAVEL THE WORLD MODEL/INTERNATIONAL MODEL :     Select an outfit to depict a certain country such as Mexico, Holland, Italy, India or an outfit to do with travel such as Airplane pilot, sailor, captain, train conductor.


This is  NOT a swimsuit competition- this is called Beachwear which means anything to do with the beach, the sun ,surf and sand- like shorts, capris or a  summer dress – Dress like  the Life Guard, Scuba Diver,  Fisherman or Hula Girl -Props such as,beach ball, towel, fishing pole etc.  are   accepted.We do not want you to think of this as a swimsuit competition but if you do decide on a swim suit , jazz it up with sunglasses, a floppy hat , beach cover up,  Simply  model to some Beach tunes that we provide


Round up your rhinestone Cowboy look, your casual down on the farm look , any thing to do with the wild west, maybe you’re the bad guy all in black or the good guy all in white , maybe you’re the Indian Chief, whatever you decide -then simply  model to some western tunes that we provide  Props allowed:  hats, sheriff’s badge, bandanas, horses ( not real ones)


Well we’ve seen boxers, hockey players, gymnasts, figure skaters on our stage, we’ve presented winning trophies to matadors, tennis players, golfers, jockeys and bowlers, we have yet to see a snowboarder, fisherman, hunter or skier but maybe this year. So you get the idea, use your imagination and dress like an olympic star.


Thanks to a leading jean company this is our newest optional category. Pull out your jeans match them up with a hat, vest , jacket, perhaps you might like to decorate them and show them off on stage.Looking for a complete look from head to toe- something a little different and of course it matters how you display it on stage. Pretend you are the jean designer and you would like to show your new outfit off for the upcoming jean market.


You can be whatever you want on our stage . This is your chance to be creative, use you imagination – be a storybook character, a fairy princess What were you for Hallowe’en? What do you want to be when you grow up?

There may be other addtional categories that may not be listed but appear on themed pageants – if you require further explanation please feel free to us anytime at 416-621-1956

*Judging on the above is based on the selection of the outfit and how it was presented on stage**



Sometimes different titles are used for this category at different pageant  but whatever it’s title is,  we simply would like to see if you are comfortable talking on the mic. This is a category the agent is interestedin seeing you participate in as well, so they can see how much enthusiasm you have perfroming in front of people and cameras- Dont’ worry if you are shy and are nervous- the whole point of the pageant is to help you get more comfortable on stage and you have to start someone – so why not here!

Recite a poem, Tell a Story, Host your own T.V. Show with guests & all. Be the weather person, news anchor or Sports or Traffic reporter. Act out your favourite commercial or make one of your own up. . If you are interested in being on t.v. this is the one to show the judges that you could be the next new face on t.v.


PLEASE BE AWARE: Talent should be maximum 2  minutes in length-maximum  – judges have advised that they make their decision at 1.5 minutes into performance therefore we suggest your talent to be 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes MAXIMUM- music will be faded out at 2 minute – please be prepared- going longer will result in lose of points – so try to have your music and act prepared for 2 minute maximum ! 

SING, DANCE, PLAY AND INSTRUMENT, LIP SYNC TO YOUR FAVORITE TUNE.TELL JOKES, ACT , JUGGLE ETC. Bring your cd and hold while you are in line-( Cd’s that are burned sometimes do not work in certain machines- have a back up cd)  Hostess will take from you and set up for you, please let us know if you need microphone or anything special to set up. Ipods do not usually work well for talent . You may enter more than one talent. You may enter with another person. Limit your talent to 2. minutes
.*Judging on the above is based on stage presentation, personality and overall effect.


Contact Joanne at 416-621-1956, or by email at

Each pageant has a main category that everyone participates in. After entering the Main pageant you can now select one or all of the optional categories.