All Canadian Elite Club

Congratulations on taking you first step to being in our All Canadian Elite Club

Who  can  enter  the  Elite  Club  2017 of  Miss  All  Canadian?

This is open to everyone, from anywhere, of all ages, Girls & Boys, all ages.  No Pageant experience is necessary to be part in the Elite Club. This is a NEW title as of 2017 so the sooner you enter the more likely you will win the title for your area. This is open from January 1st,2017 till November 1st, 2017 

Reasons  to  be  in  the  Elite Club:

We have created this title for many reasons. Perhaps you have never done a pageant before, but always dreamed of being a title holder. Perhaps you are very shy, and are hesitant about being on stage. Perhaps you are in a small town where we do not hold preliminary pageants. Perhaps you just want to be in  the All Canadian Elite Club and add to your  tiara and sash collection.  A title will give you confidence and self esteem and that is what we are all about, giving young people a chance to be proud of themselves and their  accomplishments. You will also be given your Main entry fee of $100.00 to any and all of our  “FINAL” pageants across Canada and our International Grand Finals in Ontario.  What ever your reason is, your reason is important to you and to us !

What  happens  if  I  am  selected  to  in  the  Elite  Club?

When you enter and are accepted in our Elite Club you will receive your custom full round crown and matching custom rhinestone sash, and your title for your location. If you are going to one of our pageants in person we will present you with your prizes and title, otherwise it will be your responsibility to make arrangements with us thru shipping to receive your awards. Once you have received your awards we ask that you take a picture with your crown and sash with a solid white  or black background and send us the picture which will then be posted on our website as part of  the All Canadian Elite Club.  Once you are in the Elite Club this will entitle you to go on 3 Challenges. You do not have to do any of the challenges but only Elite Club members can  participate in the 3 Challenges. You can do just one or two of the challenges but if you complete all 3 challenges then you will be on the Gold Star Team. Please check the other pages on our website to find out more about the challenges that you can accomplish! 1. Creme de la Creme Calendar 2. Rock Star Contest 3. Charity Golden  Angel Wings. 

What  do  I  win  if  I  am  selected  in  the  Elite  Club?

Winning this title give will  you confidence and self esteem and that is what we are all about. When you enter and are accepted in our Elite Club  you will  win a custom one of kind FULL ROUND ruby tiara (exact replica of the Queen’s favorite tiara) and matching  custom rhinestone sash  and title for your location. If you would prefer a 10″ tiara we will give you choices of the 10″.  Boys will receive full round King crown & matching sash. Your  winning picture will be featured on our website. You will also win your Main entry fee of $100.00 towards any and all  of our All Canadian Finals pageants. 

How  do  I  enter?

Fill out the All Canadian Elite Club form below – fill out the reason you would like to be in the Elite Club, email us  a photo (does not have to be professional) to . Entry fee (if you are not selected to be in the Elite Club your full entry fee will be refunded) Once we have received your entry form, picture and entry fee Miss Joanne will give you a call to chat with  you (or mom or dad ) ! Then the committee will make a decision and we will let you know the results This is a new contest as of 2017 so if you get your entry in now there is a greater chance of you winning a title for your area. Open from January 1st 2017 to November 1st 2017.  

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