Age Divisions

Age Divisions:

Any of these age division may be further split if there is enough entries handed in by the deadline. Some cities may have different age divisions. Please double check the form for the pageant you are entering to see what the age divisions are for that particular pageant. The age division you will compete in will be the age you are as of the day of the pageant, no exceptions. The following are typical age divisions for the Ontario Pageants, other cities may vary, check the form of the pageant you wish you enter to check the age divisions of that particular pageant. We never combine age divisions !!! 

Baby Division:

0-23 Month Girls

0-23 Month Boys

2-3 Years Girls

2-4 Years Boys

Children Division:

4-6 Years Girls

7-9 Years Girls

5+ Years Boys

Pre Teen & Miss Teen & Miss Divison:

10-12 Pre-Teen Girls

13-19 Miss Teen

20+ Miss

TALENT  * Boys & Girls participate in Talent together, after all talent is talent. However in the past we have had a BOYS division in talent, and we are happy to do so if we get enough entries by deadline.

4-6 years

7-9 years

10-12 years


Check out the Preliminary Entry Form contact Joanne at 416-621-1956 or by email at :