Creme de la Creme Calendar Contest


This is open to anyone who is in the All Canadian Elite Club. Once you have received your confirmation that you are in  the Elite Club you can now enter the Crème de la Crème Calendar Contest. If you are not in the Elite Club please go to the home page, click on the sign up button and select Elite Club to find out how to be in the Elite Club and then be in the Creme de la Creme Calendar Contest. 


Guaranteed you will be in the calendar!! When you have entered the calendar contest, we guarantee at least one of your pictures will appear on the Crème de la Crème Calendar. If you happen to have 2 of your pictures appear in the calendar you will  receive a custom  calendar rhinestone pin. If you have 3 of your pictures appear on the calendar you will win a  rhinestone pin and  rhinestone tiara. If you have 4 or more pictures appear in the calendar you will win all of the prizes plus $100.00 Cash! Just by entering the calendar contest no matter how many pictures get in the calendar will also get you one gold star towards being on the Gold Star Team. The other 2 stars are from the Charity Angel Contest and the Rock Star Contest. 


Yes, if you wish to order any  calendars for yourself or  friends & family we will let you know the price of the calendars  take your order and let you know when they are in.Deadline to enter the pictures is November 1st and calendars should be ready for mid December, they will be 2018 Calendars and will make great Christmas presents too ! We will also have the calendars for sale throughout the year.


Fill out the Calendar contest  form below. You may enter up to 12 submissions for the Calendar. We guarantee at least one of your  pictures will appear in the calendar. You can submit one photo for each month, or you can submit 6 pictures for the Month of May and 6 pictures for the month of December, or you can submit 12 pictures all for the month of October for example. Whatever combination you would like to enter is fine— but please title the month under each  picture when you submit them.  So once you have filled out the form, paid the entry fee and  submitted the pictures, You will be notified  which month/months you have won and what prizes you have won. Please send your payment to by banketransfer or paypal, please put the contestants name and age when you send the payment. Please send the pictures in an email to and also include the contestants name and age and what months you are sending pictures for.  ( you can also send pics and just say Winter or Spring and we will decide which month it will go on) 

Entering the Crème de la Crème Calendar Contest is one of your gold stars towards being ON the ALL CANADIAN GOLD STAR TEAM. The other two stars are earned by entering the Charity Gold Angel Wings  Contest and the Rock Star Contest. Please click on those buttons on the website to find out how to enter those contests.



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