International Grand Finals- St. Catharines- Ontario



This is the Ultimate International Grand Finals – August 25th 2018

The winners will reign as the All Canadian Royal Highness for the entire year. There will also be hundreds of trophies, crowns, banners, titles and gifts to be awarded. Plus cash awards to be won, and one year model contract! Lots of extras to celebrate the International Finals!! They will receive a certificate and launch date to celebrate a star in the universe named after them!! Find out how it can be you be emailing Joanne at or call 416-621-1956

EVENT: International Grand Finals

WHEN: Saturday August 25th, 2018

WHERE: The Holiday Inn 327 Ontario Street, St. Catharines, ON

Please call the Hotel to book rooms with a special rate for All Canadian Kids — block of rooms is put aside until JULY 26th- So if you know you are attending the Finals – call NOW to book a room- don’t be disappointed by waiting till the last minute!


BABY DIVISION  On Stage Time :

Category Ages Times
Baby Girls 0-23 months 9:00 am
Baby Boys 0-23 months 9:00 am
Toddler Girls 2-3 years 11:00 am
Toddler Boys 2-4 years 11:00 am
Boys 5+ years 11:00 am

Main Contest (Dressy Attire): Followed by Western Wear Model & Costume 0-23 girls & boys will receive their awards before 2-3 girls , 2-4 & 5+ (boys).

AGES 4+ On Stage Time:

Category Ages Times
Girls 4-6 years 1:30 pm
Girls 7-9 years 1:30 pm
Pre-Teens 10-12 years 2:00 pm
Teens & Twenties** 13+ years 2:00 pm

**Will be split if enough entries by deadline**

Main Contest (Dressy Attire) Followed by Western Wear, Costume TV Commercial, Back to School Model, Talent —- THEN AWARDS !!

Once Talent is over we will take a 10 minute Break to get ready for AWARDS!!
Please change back into dressy attire for awards for pictures. We hope the winners of each age division, the Overall High Point Winners and Ad Page Winners with 5 or more pages will stay for our photo shoot at the end of the pageant for next year’s invitations & program book. If you are not able to stay please provide us with a picture with your trophy, banner,crown. Please remember to pick up your photos after awards at the registration table as we cannot me responsible for items left at the pageant.



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Includes: - Contestant Registration Fee - 1 Program Book - OPTIONALS 1 thru 8 (Talent and Extra Photos not included)


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