We take great pride in selecting our judges. Each one has been selected based on their background in this industry and some of them are here to scout for new looks for upcoming projects & bookings. Many of our contestants have been selected for paid t.v. or printwork from the panel of judges. Over the 28 years of hosting pageants we have hundreds of success stories, on our website are just a few , please feel free to ask Joanne about more.

Judges are asked to be fair in scoring and to look past things like missing teeth, braces, glasses etc. After all these are just part of life and being a kid. You never know when someone may be there scouting for someone with missing teeth or glasses anyway. So just be yourself and smile!

We are considered to be a NATURAL pageant and saying that we do allow some makeup- ages 4 and under NO MAKE UP- ages 4-12 a touch of lip gloss and blush is all you need, Teens can use a bit more but the end result should still be age appropriate and natural looking. You will be marked down for heavy makeup, too dark, too much, false eyelashes ( this is for all categories except for Costume and Talent).  Some of our contestants have worn hairpieces and the judges have no idea which is because the end result is still natural- hair pieces and extensions are accepted but will be the judges decision if they look natural.  We do not encourage spray tanning, flips for teeth, false nails- you will be marked down for these if judges spot it. Lately we have seen heels on children as young as 2 and 3 – judges frown upon this, as it is not considered natural and age appropriate. Agents are looking for you to be yourself, you do not see the kid in the peanut butter commercial all dolled up , they are just themselves.


Judging is not based on the expense of your attire however just as adults go for a job interview , you want to make a good first impression.It is important that it fits you well and is age appropriate and how you display your chosen outfit. Your personality and confidence are taken in to account. Eye contact with the judges shows you are comfortable on stage, smiles show you are friendly, speaking on the microphone is an important part of your main pageant scores for ages 4 and up. There is alot to be taken into consideration for the Main pageant scores, it is a combination of natural beauty, confidence on stage, introducing yourself on the microphone and your walk to the judges, your personality shines thru in all of these things that you do and the judges can get a good idea of who you are in that short time.

Judges are asked to keep their scores confidential, but may also give us helpful hints and advice after the pageant that may help you in future competitions. Often the judges may make notes and you are very welcome to call Joanne and she will be more than happy to pass along constructive comments that may help you out in future pageants and auditions.  Judges scores are final and we encourage everyone to respect the decisions made. We promote good sportsmanship and parents have commented that this is the only pageant they have seen where everyone walks away a winner. We owe it to our youngsters today to believe in themselves and encourage them to do their best !

Some our judges have been title holders themselves , so they know what it takes to step on stage , some are from  the Miss America pageant system making our panel of judges an International blend, it is highly unlikely they know anyone at the pageant but all judges are screened before hand and briefed about our pageant system. They are asked to acknowledge if they know anyone personally and at that point an alternate judge takes over. After participating in many pageant systems with her daughter Tammy-Jo across the US , Joanne has put together the fairest pageant system there could be. Judges pass their sheets down to the tabulator where they are then transferred to the official result sheet. Our hostess delivers them to the emcee where they are then read to the audience. The judges sheets are never taken out of the room , they are always on the judges table until they are taken to be read off.  We pride ourselves on honesty . You are welcome to contact us after any pageant for comments or advice on how your contestant did and what they can do to improve next time, but we truly believe that just stepping on our stage makes them a winner, and asking them if they had fun afterwards is your key answer to entering again.

Contact Joanne at 416-621-1956, or by email at missallcanadian@msn.com