Success Stories

A few special success stories. Every time you step on our stage, there is the possibility of being scouted for paid commercial, TV work, catalog and magazine print work,  you never know who will be next. Might just be you!!! Throughout our 34 years of running pageants, we have had hundreds of contestants scouted for paid work by agents. Here are just a few.


Katrina Katrina – signed with agent
Donna Donna -signed with agent
Christian Christian -signed with agent
ethan Ethan –
Melody Melody –
joel Joel –
skye Skye –
Haliey Hailey –
Austin Austin –
Hussain Hussain -at his age, he just has to be adorable and adorable he was !! scouted by Toronto Talent agent and signed right away – we look forward to seeing him in commercials! He was Royal Highness in his age division
Laaibah Laaibah -not only did she win the Royal Highness Title but was also spotted and then signed by Toronto talent agent because of her beautiful features!
Joey Joey –
Joey Mila –
Joey Joey –
Jailah Jailah -signed with agent
Jaiyannah Jaiyannah – signed with agent
Sabrina Sabrina -signed with agent and already sent on auditions- just landed her first jobCongratulations !!!
Kierah Kierah – signed with Toront Talent agent after being in Grand Final pageant in August !
Malique Malique -audition for tv show
Antonio Antonio -has appeared in Wonderland commercial along with his sister- has done several auditions since being spotted at the pageant
Adelaide Adelaide – one of our Moms sent in her picture and got an audition with Dove- in the past we have had three of our All Canadian Ladies land a Dove spot- let’s cross our fingers for Adelaide- Adelaide has also won the 20+ age division and is now our Royal Highness !
Nicole Nicole -Nicole is our Northern Pre-Teen Ambassador – she also won a one year contract with well known agent- and since then has auditioned and has landed a toy commercial Nicole has also done a major chain store commercial been seen now and everyone loves it !!
Scarlette Scarlette -has gone on audition and signed with Toronto agent after being spotted at pageant- was Overall High Point Baby and Queen- just headed off to another commercial this week
Alexia Alexia -was spotted and sent for an audition
Ella Ella -auditioned for Toy commercial and recently won Miss Friendship Festival
Siera Siera -voice over audition, football promo audition- commercial for major retailer
Keira Keira -just signed with Well known agent after ebing spotted at Halloween pageant – Kiera has already auditioned for tv work- voice over audition,print audition and minigo commercial audition- she has auditioned for toy commercial and was just crowned our Overall Supreme at the Barrie Northern Finals
Jacob Jacob -signed and auditioned with agent right after being seen at finals, Jacob has auditioned for commercial work and got to sing on radio station and promote the pageants. Jacob will be doing a fashion show and just got a call back for a major retail store- Landed a part in TV Show and has recurring voice over for electronic toy- landed ajob that takes him and family to LA and then Japan !!
Dominick Dominick -voice over audition, fashion show- landed a commercial- off to another voice over
Alexander Alexander – Twin Boys were spotted and signed by our agent from the Grand Finals ! Landed a commercial.October both twins did a Canada Learning Bonds Commercial and 2013 they started off with an audition for Kia and congrats!! they just landed that commercial. Off on another audition for a kids tv show
Ashton Ashton -Twin boys signed with our agent from the Finals landed a commercial, along with his twin brother he did a Canada Learning Bonds Commercial and now landed a Kia commercial !!! Now the twins are being considered for a kids tv show
Allison Alison – Wnner of the on line search photos- one lucky contestant was selected by our agent and won a year model contract !! After auditioning Allison landed her first toy commercial for dolls!
Tiffany Tiffany – Signed with agent after Barrie Finals.She  has auditioned and landed part in National Commercial for Hair Company and audtiioned for toy commercial which she also got- shot First Choice Hair Commercial and toy box cover- Tiffany has just auditioned for a PSA commercial- commercial for major retailer
Sabrina Sabrina -Our Ambassador for the Dimaond Jubilee Nothern Finals 2012  and also  Won Overall High Point Baby at the 2011 -25th Anniversary Grand Finals! – she was instantly signed with Toronto Agent and went off on auditions. Sabrina has moved up to Inuvik but will be coming back to Ontario for promotions thanks to her many sponsors in Inuvik
Aaisha Aaisha -Ambassador for the Miss All Canadian Pageant third  year in a row!!  Winning the most prestigious title of them all 27th, 26th Anniversary &  25th Anniversary Ambassador!! Aaisha was signed by Toronto Agent for second year in a row, and auditioned for a hostess for TV show. She was featured in a film for red Door and has auditioned for family commerical  and has also kept herself busy doing charity work with her Ambassador Banner- She helped out with Toy Mountain ,Sick Kids Hospital & rang the bell for the Salvation Army over the holidays. Aaisha and her puppy Miss Molly just landed a tv job and they will both be seen on TV show in Fen  2014
Cierra Cierra -singed with our agent Cierra has been in a movie and auditioned for TV hostess- Mom also got to be part of the big screen when she was  also selected to do a part.
Connor Connor – signed with agent who spotted him at the Grand Final pageant- since then he has done a Nutella commercial and landed the part for West 49 too!!! Featured in the June issue of Chatelaine- check him out !
Gracie Gracie – signed with Toronto agent-
Alexis Alexis – Winning several of the on line photo competitions she was spotted and signed by agent and filmed a paid tv spot in May. Alexis landed a T.V. spot thru our agent .
Avery Avery – spotted by the on line photosearch, Miss Avery was signed by agent and has already done a tv spot on What;s Your News- thanks to participating in the pageants
Alexis Alexis- first Alexis big brother won King at our pageant and Joanne selected him to do a commercial , Alexis has just been signed by Toronto agent and so it is her turn to audition for commercials and tv work. Alexis is our Queen for the 4-6 division 2010 Grand Finals.Alexis went on an audition thru our Toronto agent on Monday April 17th Good Luck sweetie!
Alissa D Alissa D- Alissa not only has won many a tiara at Miss All Canadian but has gone on auditions from being scouted at the pageant by a Top Toronto Agent. Alissa has one of the honor of Earning her Pageant Angels Wings and was presented with that award at the Tropical Paradise Pageant. She is off to Toronto for a big photoshoot .
Allison Alison- Our teen Queen 2009 Allison was selected by Miss All Canadian to do a charity fashion show in Niagara Falls which raised thousands of dollars for the Matthew Daniele foundation.The Matthew Daniele Foundations is in honor of Matthew who passed away at a very young age and to keep his memory alive , they have 2 scholarships in his name along with raising over $65,000 which has assisted Tender Wishes, Dreams Take Flight,Over 600 hundred people attended the “Night of the Phantom” organized by Maria ( a former Miss All Canadian WInner) and Vince ( actor with Miss All Canadian and featured many of the All Canadian models
Alyssa Alyssa-signed by Toronto Agent from being seen at one our pageants Miss Alyssa and her sister Meaghan are also the reigning Ambassadors for 2010/2011. Alyssa appeared on T.V. wednesday Oct 6th to promote the All Canadian Halloween pageant along with her sister Meaghan.
Casey Lynn Casey Lynn- with over a decade of attending Joanne’s pageants, Casey has done Hakim Optical ads and was featured in billboards and on the side of the Hakim optical vans, scouted by Francesco who placed her in the ad.Casey has appeared on tv in fashions shows organized by Joanne and Mom and Dad are thankful that she started in the pageants and both parents Lynn & Chris are quoted ” Miss All Canadian PAgeants are the best thing we could;ve got our daughter in, Joanne has helped mold her into a confident young lady, we have the utmost respect for the way Joanne handles the children in the pageant and the many ways in which she involves the children to give back to the community” when she was just 3- for 10 years we brought a youngster from the HELP A CHILD SMILE organization out to the pageant and made them Princess or Prince of the Day where we presented them with tiaras, trophies, gifts and banners and Casey Lynn presented the awards many times to these children who were not as fortunate as the children competing in the pageant.
Charlene Charlene- Joanne selected Charlene to do a paid bridal fashion show and Charlene has enjoyed the pageants so much she has attended as a helper because she realizes how much self esteem and confidence a young girl can gain by attending the pageants.
Christilynn Christilynn- over a decade of attending Joanne’s pageants , Joanne organized the entertainment for the Mayor of Niagara Falls where Christilynn sang for the Mayor and presented him with a song written by dad and uncle about Niagara Falls, she has done a paid commercial for Neo Pets, Airwick and Baby Bottle Pop and now all grown up she just landed an LCBO commercial and training video thru the agent that attends Joanne’ pageants and where Christilynn’ was scouted. She auditioned for and landed an ad campaign for Dove along with 2 other All Canadian Contestants and all three not only got paid  but Dove also send them all a huge basket of Dove products. Joanne also sent her on an audition for the Adrenaline Project that she also landed and was in the tv show. Joanne has booked her on many singing gigs and currently she is working on her own cd- whenever she has time she enjoys attending the pageant and helping Joanne out and giving back to where she first started out- Mom Pauline and Dad Paul both have asked to have their names mentioned as great supporters of the pageant and are quoted ” this is a great way for your little one to be a star!!! We have seen how confident our daughter has become over the years and give Joanne credit for all she has accomplished ” Christilynn has help Joanne at political events with the Mayor, at seniors homes entertaining with the Pageant Kids and at many charity fashion shows organized by Joanne
Colton Colton has competed numerous times in the All Canadian Pageant since age 6 months, capturing numerous titles. Colton was generous enough to donate his trophies back to the pageant system in exchange for money which was donated to a charity. With Colton’s donations we sent children to theraputic horseback riding lessons for children with disabilities He was our Mr. Ambassador and has been a great helper in raising money for charity, he was part of the fashion show that raised money to help send disabled children to summer camp. Colton has appeared in TV work and fashion shows and recently auditioned for a Canadian Tire commercial and movie made for tv. He was signed by a Toronto Agent and will appear on the front cover of a Grade 3 Math Book. Joanne had booked him for the Omni Science Show project because of his wonderful personality seen at the pageant on stage. Colton has been attending Joanne’s pageants since the age of 6 months. Colton and mom helped out when Joanne organized an entertainment day at Bissell’s which raised money for Dreams Take Flight- – an Air Canada project that takes children to Disney for the day- Joanne has travelled on the plane with the kids covering the story for Cogeco to see first hand the wonderful work this charity does-and afterwards Joanne organized a fashion show where all the models involved helped raise money for Dreams Take Flight
Faith Faith-Our Grand Final Queen 2010 in the 10-12 division, after being spotted at one of Joanne’s pageants early this year , our Toronto agent signed her and since she has done a short film which is up for film festival called The Occupant and a tv show called Think Big, she has also auditioned for Zellers and a radio commercial for a travel Agency Mom goes on record as saying Joanne’s pageants were a great connection and no matter what the outcome it is a great venue for the kids to have fun and gain self confidence
Joanna Joanna- Our Ambassador of 2006 Joanna was off to Europe to continue her education and modelling, but before she left Joanne had her signed with an agent where she landed a commercial. Joanne and Joanna also put together an entertainment evening at Meadows Of Dorchester retirement home where children from the pageant sand and danced and some of the money raised from the Grand Finals that year was spent on prizes and flowers for the audience. Some of the girls and Joanne brought banners and tiaras and presented them to some of the seniors. After showing her leadership at that event Joanne brought her along to help at the Cinderella Fashions show that raised money for the Matthew Danielle Foundation , Joanna along with many other pageant contestants modeled and entertained that evening and the Miss All Canadian Girls all did it again when asked by Maria who then went on to do the Masquerade Ball raising money for charity, Joanna helped to choreograph the show and Joanne was emcee for another successful fund raiser. Joanna has realized the art of giving back to the community and has organized her own successful charity.
Letitzia Letitzia- Starting off at the age of 3 with Miss All Canadian , Letitzia has done numerous commercials when she was young and performed her dance at various events- She went on an audition thru Joanne for Dove and landed it along with 2 other All Canadian girls . All three had a great time doing the event and being paid very well along with receiving wonderful products from Dove. Letitzia love of dance keeps her active in the spotlight .
Maria Maria- Joanne first got Dad Tony a model job and then met mom and along came baby Maria who at 6 months of age won Queen at her very first Miss All Canadian Pageant – Maria was selected by Joanne to do a tv series called “till Death do us Part`where mom and Joanne also got a background part, next came a part in a Disney movie thru Joanne where MAria was a flower girl in Twitches Too starring twins Tia and Tamara. Thru our Toronto agent who signed MAria she has landed a Shoppers Drug Mart Print ad and auditioned for a new tv show `Life with Boys` . Joanne has booked MAria with her beautiful voice to sing at the Prince of Wales which raised money for ÀLzheimers. Maria has also played the main character Mary Smart ( a spoof of Mary Hart) on the Family Channel which featured Miss Maria in between shows Hannah Montana and Life on Deck- she did a bedazzler commercial and Girl Crush Hair Extensions. Maria`s mom and Dad are proud of Maria who is now 12 and thank the Miss All Canadian Pageant for her start and her self confidence! You can see Maria on the buttons worn by Shopper’s Drug MArt employee’s and also on brochures at Shoppers Drug Mart
Melissa Melissa- Our overall High Point Winner from 2009 Grand Finals – Melissa has impressed us with her singing talents recently signed with agent from being scouted at our pageant- Winning several titles for her talent of singing. Melissa has also been selected to model in fashion shows that Miss All Canadian participated in raising money for charity
Mercedes and Natasha Mercedes and Natasha-friends who came to the pageant together – both were called for the Omni Science show thru Joanne , Natasha went on to do a Sony commercial from being spotted by a scout at our pageant and was Grand Final Queen 2009
Michelle Michelle- doesn’t matter which side of the stage you are on- Michelle who is on our committee was spotted and asked to be on “Style by Jury” as a judge , she has also been on body break commercial and auditioned for High power Tools, she is a dance teacher and specializes in Line Dancing where one of her routines caught on and went world wide, she has entertained in Nashville and recently selected Tabatha from the teen division to be Miss Extreme a company that Michelle is involved in marketing. She has selected many talented youngsters from the Miss All Canadian PAgeant system to entertain at charity events that are close to her heart. Joanne selected Michelle for a fashion show held in Niagara On The Lake raising money for the Awareness of Àlzhiemers and she was part of the show Joanne organized that raised money for Dreams Take Flight- an Air Canada Charity. Her line dance team was featured on the tv show that Joanne was an anchor for and Joanne produced a tv talent show where Michelle and her crew were featured as well- Michelle auditioned for and was selected from many others to take partina a TV Game Show January 2012
Olivia Olivia-signed by Toronto agent
Riley Riley- after winning one of Miss All Canadian Pageant on line Photo Searches , Joanne sent Riley;s pic to a Toronto Agent and Riley has auditioned for a few things but right now is waiting to hear about eh Beechnut commercial
Roger Roger- thru Joanne Roger was featured in a Holiday Inn commercial -and played Lance Romance on a TV Valentine special- he has been on the History channel and appeared in several movies filmed in Toronto and Hamilton. He appeared as as Sunshine boy not once but twice!! He appeared in the Mob Story for History Television and made several appearances in The Papalia Family documentary.
Shawnee Shawnee-over a decade ago is when Shawnee first stepped onto our stage and from there many wonderful things happened for her. She landed the Adrenaline Project tv show thru Joanne .Joanne referred Shawnee for a show and she was selected as a model for the recent Club Italia Fashion Show raising money for charity. After watching Joanne for a decade Shawnee organized her own fashions show that raised money for cancer and Joanne was emcee , Registration lady Alice was background dresser and a few teens were selected from the Pageant go model in the show and help raise money. Shawnee is quoted as saying ” Joanne is awesome with the children and you can tell her pageants are put together from the heart, by participating at the Miss All Canadian Pageant you will feel special because Joanne makes sure of that” Shawnee’s mom Sylvia who is a teacher in the education system believe Joanne`s pageants are the place to start to gain self esteem, meet new friends and learn how to give back and help others by doing community hours- Shawnee was nominated by Joanne as Young Person of the Year and was featured in her home town newspaper and credited with over 400 community hours for her high school year.
Thomas Thomas-famous as the pageant for his talent of “cup stacking” Thomas caught the eye of our agent scouting for new talent and was immediately signed -auditioned for a 7 week series which would be filmed in Wales – we are crossing our fingers for him on that one- but no need to cross your fingers for the other as he landed a commercial for Kohl’s, Ontario Power Authority and Moon Sand Toy. Way to go Thomas!!! just auditioned for Blast And Launch toy this week and recently auditioned for Chunky Soup and a U.S. company Hess. Thomas auditioned and got the part for Intercontinental Toronto Center Hotels where his image will be used for brochures & website use.
Victoria Victoria- her brothers were selected by Joanne after stepping on the All Canadian Stage and seeing their outstanding personalities, Victoria at first was a little shy but soon landed that Queen tiara along with being the third Dove girl that Joanne sent some girls on to audition for. A great first paycheck for her first job !
Vanessa Vanessa and her aunt were selected to do a television show called `Till Death do us Part`where they played a pageant contestant and pageant mom -filmed at the Royal Alexander
Joanne with Mayor Ted Salci of Niagara Falls Joanne with Mayor Ted Salci of Niagara Falls-Joanne was emcee of charity fashion show where a number of pageant contestants walked the runway and raised money for the Matthew Danielle Foundation-this is Joanne`s second time emceeing the event as a volunteer to help the charity- Joanne had the honor of introducing the Mayor, who said a few special words to the Matthew Danielle family. Joanne`s Ambassador from 2006 Joanna K. was on the committee for the second time and helped choreograph parts of the show.
Courtney Courntey R has participated in the pageants and was selected to do tv show for kids along with Alexis, Antontio and Braedon- they were treated very like celebrities and had a great time thanks to a contact Joanne had from the pageant industry who selected the children from the pageant.
Mackenzie Gibson - Zellers Ad McKenzie G. was in the pageants and helped Joanne at various fashion shows and soon was signed by an agent – she went on to do commercials, catalogs. movies and recently here she is seen in a Zellers billboard. While involved with the pageants, McKenzie did fashions shows and talent shows, bridal shoes where she not only modeled but also entertained with her talent
Patrick Patrick did a tv science show thru Joanne and also did a toronto commercial
All Canadian pageant charity fashion show with Colton All the children seen here have participated in All Canadian pageant and were asked to be in a charity fashion show with Colton -Ambassador 2007 & 2008 , Money raised helped Colton and 3 other children attend special needs camp and horseback riding lessons- Colton was also presented with a complimentary Helicopter ride from our good friends at Niagara Helicopters- Rudi & Lena- this was Colton`s wish and we are glad we could all be part of it! Colton has had spinal defect since he was born and has under gone many surgeries over the years we have known him. everyone who participated deserves a big hand!! A video was shot of the children holding cases like the tv show and was sent to Howie Mandell
Alice, Michelle, Shawnee, Joanne Seen here from left to right is Alice ( our wonderful registration lady) Michelle -whose father passed away from cancer and Shawnee ( our hostess for over 10 years) and Joanne ( director) Joanne helped emcee as Alice helped backstage as the girls put on their own charity fashion show to raise money for Cancer. A few of the teens that entered Miss All Canadian pageant were selected by Shawnee to participate as models in the show-it was a most successful event and Shawnee went on to raise money doing silent auction, car wash and dinner party- It was thru helping Joanne at various charity events that lead Shawnee to organize these special events.
Michelle Sydney  watched her older cousin Shawnee T. entertain at the pageants and win awards- Shawnee T. was hired by Miss All Canadian to do impersonations of Shania Twain at Birthday parties, Mayor events, charity shows and since went on to Toronto and formed her own band – Little cousin decided to do impersonations of Hannah Montana after entering some of the pageants and she went on to be booked for parties and grand openings andmany festivals throughout the Niagara region and was invited to a special event in Ottawa too .
Tanya Tanya- a former Miss All Canadian Queen – helped Joanne at several fashion shows at the Prince of Wales which raised money for Alzheimer`s – Tanya was also on Style by Jury and auditioned for other tv shows thru Joanne- Tanya is a teacher now and loves to come out to encourage young girls and boys to build their confidence on the stage so it can carry them to other things in their life.
Gemma Gemma – signed with agent from Toronto and has two auditions already. Way to go Gemma- she just landed and will be filming “What’s your news ” Monday May 9th-
Hailee Hailee – auditioned for CBS kids and landed the part- Congratulations!!! Hailee is filming April 16th and 17th
Lily Ann Lily Ann – signed with Toronto agent – Lily won Overall High Point at the 24th Annual Grand Final Pageant- she now competes in the US and has been featured on Toddlers and Tiaras where she has won many Supreme titles

Over the years there have been hundreds of success stories – these are only a few recent ones. Contact Joanne at 416-621-1956, or by email atmissallcanadian (@)