Teddy Bear Picnic Pageant – ALBERTA

WHEN: Sunday July 30th, 201
WHERE: Nisku Inn & Conference Center, 1101 4th Street, Nisku, Alberta

The All-Canadian pageant system gives every contestant a chance to shine on stage. The idea is to come out for fun meet friends, while increasing your confidence and developing an outgoing personality. Under the umbrella of All Canadian Pageants is Miss Shannon who is the host of all Alberta pageants, Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer !!!
The All Canadian Pageant system gives every contestant a chance to shine on stage. The idea is to come out for fun meet friends, while increasing your confidence and developing an outgoing personality. Many of our contestants have done T.V. commercials, and paid print work just by stepping on our stage.


Category Ages Times
Baby Girls 0-23 months 10:00 am
Baby Boys 0-3 years 10:00 am
Little Girls 2-3 years 10:00 am

FORMAT: Each child will go on stage with one adult. contestant may wear any type of dressy clothing preferably their Sunday best. MC will bring you on stage in a group line up, followed by your own special time with the judges!


Category Ages Times
Girls 4-6 years 12:30 pm
Boys 4-9 years 12:30 pm
Boys 10+ years 12:30 pm
Girls 7-9 years 12:30 pm
Girls 10-12 years 12:30 pm
Miss Teen 13+ years 12:30 pm

* NOTE* we will consider an older boys division and if too many in one age division we will consider splitting that age division if we get enough by deadline* Please call for ages not shown***

FORMAT: Dress to Impress/Your Sunday Best!. Your dress does not have to be themed to our pageant— your dressy dress is just your best dress . The MC will bring each age group on stage for a group line up, then followed by individual introductions, ages 4 + will introduce themselves by telling us name, age , hobbies, interests etc.
Just be yourself ,smile and have lots of fun because just stepping on our stage makes you a winner and you should be proud of yourself ! Remember to smile and just be yourself, and……..It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice!!

ALL CONTESTANTS: Arrive at least 30 minutes before stage time, you must confirm your spot at our registration table and receive your contestant number. If you are in any of the photo categories, you will submit your photos at the registration table to be judged. Photos returned following awards, please make sure to pick them up after your awards.

Check out the website www.allcanadianpageants.com and find out how you can enter the Across Canada on line search from anywhere you live !!!



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